About Zileej

Our truly diverse team are working passionately to design a new generation of meaningful toys, games and creative experiences.

Many Muslim parents struggle to find exceptional, wholesome play experiences that build their children’s confidence in their faith and cultural identity. Our toys & games focus on positive representation, and aim to serve the needs and aspirations of Muslim families around the world. 

We hope you will take the journey with us. 


The inspiration behind Salam Sisters

Young girls love dolls. And for many, they are an important and compelling medium to create lasting memories. 

With young daughters ourselves, we noticed that their dolls didn’t represent contemporary Muslim girls - females with diverse influences and interests, from science to fashion to sport. 

This resulted in Salam Sisters, a collection of five culturally diverse characters who are faith-grounded, fun, modest fashion-forward, and future thinking.

Get your very own Salam Sisters doll from here. 


The inspiration behind 5Pillars 

We created the 5Pillars range of games after recognising that Islamic learning had long been approached in a traditional style. We saw it was in need of change to make it exciting for younger and older generations alike.

This resulted in a series of Islamic, fun trivia-based games to find a new way to reconnect families and friends through engaging and social experiences.

Get your own 5Pillars games from here.


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